istanbul design biënnale

Datum: 13/11/2012


“Imperfection is the theme of the first Istanbul Design Biennial, and there is nowhere better to explore it than in Istanbul, a city of infinite layers, charged with the vitality that comes from engaging with rapid urban, social and cultural change. Istanbul as a city, is far from perfect, yet it is one of the most exhilarating and dynamic centres in the world. Its special quality is that it makes so much from the imperfect, the inexact and the provisional. As a theme, “Imperfection” will both celebrate Istanbul’s distinctive creative qualities and encapsulate a wider discussion about the nature of design in the contemporary world. It will tell the world something about Istanbul and offer the world a sharp insight into the nature of contemporary design. Imperfection is a new take on old ideas. (…)”


13 oktober t/m 12 december 2012


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istanbul design biennale

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